25% of my iPod touch apps

1. AnyClock Nice “bedside clock” that ties into your Google Calendar.

2. AppMiner Alternative interface for the App Store.

3. Bento Show me on a database where he touched you!

4. BUZZER! Music Quiz So if you imagine your iPod’s music library as an reality, Buzzer will be  augmented reality game. It’s great music quiz that will give you a new way to look at your music collection.

5. Convertbot The best conversion utility on the platform.  On the  Mac OS X you should use Launchbar as your interface for Google conversion function for lighting fast access to information.

6. Days Until Best countdown utility, because it uses application badge, so you don’t even need to launch it.

7. Dictionary

8. Drop7 (demo) I dog-dare  you to stop playing this

9. FStream Internet. Radio. Internet radio!

10. iBank Handheld companion to great OS X accounting software. 3 ways to sync — geekery!

11. iNietzsche A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.

12. Instapaper Pro (free here)  my favourite way to read on the iPod… Kinetic scrolling!

13. IRChon #r4nger5 in your pocket.

14. iSurvive – Military Grade Survival Manual

15.Last.fm has calendars, too!

15. London Tube Deluxe plan your journe, even when offline (don’t be shy,everyone’s offline from time to time!).

16. Memiary Low-cost application that synchronizes with memiary.com, best (or simplest) journal-type webapp I have yet found

17. OrthovoxGristleizer in your pocket. Or something.

18. Remote – iTunes controller; made by Apple, so you know what to expect.

19. TED – app for streaming TED talks.

21. Toodledo – To Do list of choice

22. Tweetie – Twitter client

23. Wiki Tap – Annotated Wikipedia and Dictionary – my  favourite way to access Wikipedia; can pull up location-based articles.


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