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Ad-hoc stove

I’ve been camping yesterday, and it was rough. I’ve entered forest that was unknown to me after dark, and set up a camp at night.

Cooking system? Very small metal tin, Kifaru internal frame, billy kit. Do you need more? Yes, you do.
Although lukewarm meal is better than a cold one.

Explanation for the last picture, as enhanced by my wearable computer:

[Red_line] = Kifaru internal frame
[Green_line] = metal tin
[Yellow_line] = british billy kit


[UPDATED] How to deal with bright colors

After buying a new headlamp yesterday, I was faced with a challenge: how to attach it with its great, watertight (but red) case to my backpack in a way that will make this both easy accessible and low profile.

The answer was already on my shoulder strap. An olive “LBE band” (sorry for no linkage, “USMC’s” website is lacking). The only thing was to figure out the way to meet all my requirements listed above. I am quite happy with the results, look at the pctures below to see the subtile marriage of bright red box, MALICE clip, LBE band and PALS webbing:

UPDATE: an LBE band can be positioned in such a way that it covers entire front of the headlamp’s case, leaving only very small top and bottom areas visible. ¬†Hooah!


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